Wednesday, March 13, 2013

more catch up...

Today is going to be here we go.

Last night I sewed up some table runners for a church dinner tonight.  No biggie but I was hoping to spend that time catching up on other things. 

I also get to decorate a table at the dinner tonight and make sweet potato casserole.  Ben's going to be the master of babysitting/manning the nursery at church during the dinner, which is another bonus point of awesomeness for him. 

It's my big brother's birthday today so we called and sang at him.  He lives in San Jose, CA and is spending the day with my mom doing fun stuff so that's good.  I wish we got to see him more often!

OUR WASHER IS FIXED!!! and it doesn't sound like a jet engine anymore which is really awesome!  AND it means I can move my fabric and stuff back and getting things going again!  Like right after I write this actually.  I'm trying to get my butt to the post office today before we have to pick Ben up from work.

I caved on a sale of some stuff I've been oogling for a while and got this shirt and this bag.  With a 20% off code I had, it was asking for it.  I seriously cannot wait to wear this shirt around all the time.  I probably should've gotten two of them....

Maybe after I sell another quilt I'll get another one.  And then that sweater.  I really love that sweater. 

Tonight I'll be sewing some more, and maybe taking a break to watch Psych.  Do you watch that show?  It's my very favorite thing.  Ever.  I love Guster.  Anyway, watch it.  Especially if you appreciate the 80's.  Some of the craftiest and cleverest dialogue on TV these days. 

and...I still can't find that cord.....I'll go hide in my corner for being a pictureless blogger again....

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  1. And maybe sending me that form ? But if you want, we can wait ! I'll still be there in a month and maybe you won't be as busy ?

    I started watching Fringe recently and I really like it. It's a bit strange sometimes, but very interesting !!