Monday, March 18, 2013

New Quilts in the shop!!

I've finished these quilts recently and just got them listed in my Etsy shop today.

First up is a low volume patchwork quilt that's super lightweight.  It has no batting and a flannel back and I kindof want to keep it because it feels so luscious!!  It's really super, I hope it goes to a good home that will snuggle it to bits!
You can find the listing for it here.

The second quilt is a baby quilt that features the Monsterz fabric line of adorable prints.  These little critters are so cute.  I can just see a little kids eyes light up as they discover everything these little monsterz are up to!  They're adorable. 

This quilt also has no batting and feels just as luscious with just a flannel back.  I love flannel, since it gets softer and lovelier with every wash it's awesome for kids since their stuff seems to gets washed more than everything else!  Both of these quilts will be great for all seasons (another bonus to no batting - not too hot and not too cold!). 

You can find the listing for this quilt here.

Happy Monday!

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