Friday, March 8, 2013

So February happened...

...and now it's March!

I can't find the cord to connect my phone to the Mac so for now I'm without pictures to share. 

This has been a very busy year so far.  Just this week we've had people come to check out and try to fix our washer (still needs a replacement motor we're waiting on now), and a home inspection from our landlord (I hate being inspected...makes me so nervous!).

Ben got into grad school, started an internship, and became the marketing guy for one of the clubs he's in so he's got a busy inconsistent schedule to say the least, but it's all good things. 

We passed around germs last month so I'm glad that's over with.   We've managed to get Abby almost potty trained.  It was rough going for a while, but I'm pretty sure the worst is over (fingers crossed).

I've been so busy trying to remember what appointments we have what days, what papers I need to get printed, questions I need to know answers to, or what I need to remember to ask, who I need to call....that I've dropped the ball on a bunch of other things like returning emails, blogging, checking flickr groups, making bee blocks, and keeping in touch with anybody!

I've sewn three things so far this year and you'll have to wait for pictures.  I finished a quilt in January, and then made two pillow covers for our couch in February to add some color to the greyness we've still got here in Idaho...

My sewing stuff is right next to the washer and when it broke I moved it all just to make sure the fabric would be safe and out of the way when the washer was being repaired....and have moved it back and forth about 4 or 5 times so far. 

Anyway, just wanted to let y'all know I'm alive, just busy.  And I hope this post doesn't sound like complaining...all these things we've had to do are good, and the problems we have had could be much worse, they've just made me tired and so I haven't been productive at all...

It's a nice rainy day today so I'm thinking we'll watch some movies, make cookies, and I'll slip back to my corner and get something done!

Get ready to see a swarm of bee blocks!! Once I find my cord of course.

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