Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Slow going...

It's been hard to get myself motivated lately...Monday was tough for everyone of course, and it's been tricky getting into the swing of things this week.

To clarify...there's been a lot on the "Must Do Right Now!" list lately and I'm getting worn out with it... and on sewing the have to things I don't necessarily want to ... I've just had no will to do it...

So here's my new system.  I get something done that I have to do (like the ginormous pile of files I organized on Monday) and then do something I want to do (like start a crochet blanket because I haven't done that in a while).

It's working out ok, but I need to pick up the pace. 

This week we have a lot to get done because next week is going to be extra busy (my mom is coming to visit!!!) and I want to get a LOT of stuff out of the way so I don't have to worry about it.

Scheduling Dr's appointments for the littles (check!), and dentist appointments, and getting the rest of the bee blocks done, finishing sleeves on dresses and tanks...that kind of stuff I want out of the way so we can play. 

I've sewn up some clothes that I just need to photograph so watch for that.  Posting the pictures are my motivation for finishing some sleeves...

I'm pretty excited about it. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter sewing...and lots of eggs...and lots of pictures...and a birthday!

I bought some wooden eggs for the kids to paint for Easter and was pretty proud of myself for letting them use whatever colors they wanted.
 I didn't take a picture of their finished eggs, but they eventually mixed all the colors together and now we have some nicely camouflaged rock eggs...but they're super proud of their eggs!
Ben had a church activity the week before Easter and for some reason needed to get 10 dozen eggs for it.  There were extras, and we're just now finishing them up. 

We made scrambled eggs, dutch babies with powdered sugar and strawberries, egg salad and a birthday cake that fortunately required 6 eggs on it's own just yesterday for Abby's 3rd birthday.
 We had a pretty good Easter weekend.  I sewed up the Geranium dress pattern for Abby to wear to church and a matching bow-tie for Matthew, but...Abby and I never made it to church....oh well. That's a different story. 

The Saturday before, the kids got to go to 2 Easter egg hunts, saw "the Easter bunny" and had a wonderful time.  I love seeing the holidays through their eyes.  It's so much more exciting! 

So, Abby's Easter dress turned into a birthday dress and that was fine.  I'm already anxious to make another Geranium dress, they're so darn cute, and really not that difficult to make.  Plus, she loves wearing it and that's totally all the reason I need!

And for the next 6 days I have two 3 year olds at home!  I can't believe how fast these little monkeys grow up!

*Hope that wasn't too disconnected of a post...I had lots to catch up on! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

bee blocks swarming out...

So I've been making swarms of bee blocks lately to catch up for getting super behind over the holidays, and never really catching up from that set back.

For the Bliss circle of do. Good Stitches we had blocks to make from this tutorial, flag blocks (to be made today), scrappy blocks from this tutorial (way simple and cute), HST blocks from 7" squares (I really loved these...may need to make a quilt for myself out of them).  I can't even remember now if I forgot some...but be warned.  There's a lot more to come...