Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What I'm working on...

We have about two weeks before we leave for another trip and in the between time I'm trying to get some projects finished that I'll share here before I forget, I hope...

I finished binding these three quilts last night and have put them in my Etsy shop in case you'd like to have a peek. 

I'm taping, tracing, and cutting patterns today to get some kids sewing done because my kids are growing out of everything and never seem to have enough shorts/t-shirts!! I'm going to try out some of the patterns I've bought recently and see how it turns out!

Good plan, right? I'll let you know how it goes...

Monday, May 13, 2013

Since last Wednesday...

-Both kids had their Dr. visits and both kids got shots.  They were both VERY upset that I let this happen.
-I held another Relief Society activity and we tied 8 fleece blankets to be donated so I'm calling it a win.
-Ben's parents came in for a visit from North Carolina that morning and have been staying with us.
-I put together 1 Wiksten tank, 1 Geranium dress, and 1 Geranium top that were cut out and waiting to go (stress relief sewing?). 
-We went to Yellowstone Saturday but didn't see any bears.  Just a really itchy Bison.
-Saturday was also our 6th wedding anniversary and we saw Iron Man (fun!!) after getting home from Yellowstone.
-Ben also graduated from ISU on Saturday (YAY!!!) but decided not to walk (it's his second bachelor's degree so we were all fine to not sit for a super long ceremony).
-I chipped a tooth on some bacon from a delicious sandwich and absolutely remained calm (not at all - I freaked out majorly). 
-Mother's day was Sunday and we BBQ'd for the first time this year. 
-It was also our dog's birthday (he got leftover BBQ so that worked well for him).  He's 6.
-Today the kids are going to the Zoo with grandma and papa while Ben works, I go to the post office (finally) and maybe take a nap do the laundry.
-Tomorrow morning I have to go to the dentist to get my hillbilly tooth problem looked at, Ben's parents head back to NC, Ben works, and I might have time to change the sheets.  If I'm lucky.  

I'm exhausted. 

How are you?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

In case you didn't know...

...we have some happy news!! This little lovely is why I haven't been too productive lately, well at least not in sewing things : D

We're expecting a baby girl to join the family on August 18th!! And I'm pretty excited to sew up a bunch of girly baby things!

In other news we had a crazy week last week and all have colds now. Except Ben because he never gets sick. I do have things to show you though so don't go anywhere.

Happy May!!