Monday, May 13, 2013

Since last Wednesday...

-Both kids had their Dr. visits and both kids got shots.  They were both VERY upset that I let this happen.
-I held another Relief Society activity and we tied 8 fleece blankets to be donated so I'm calling it a win.
-Ben's parents came in for a visit from North Carolina that morning and have been staying with us.
-I put together 1 Wiksten tank, 1 Geranium dress, and 1 Geranium top that were cut out and waiting to go (stress relief sewing?). 
-We went to Yellowstone Saturday but didn't see any bears.  Just a really itchy Bison.
-Saturday was also our 6th wedding anniversary and we saw Iron Man (fun!!) after getting home from Yellowstone.
-Ben also graduated from ISU on Saturday (YAY!!!) but decided not to walk (it's his second bachelor's degree so we were all fine to not sit for a super long ceremony).
-I chipped a tooth on some bacon from a delicious sandwich and absolutely remained calm (not at all - I freaked out majorly). 
-Mother's day was Sunday and we BBQ'd for the first time this year. 
-It was also our dog's birthday (he got leftover BBQ so that worked well for him).  He's 6.
-Today the kids are going to the Zoo with grandma and papa while Ben works, I go to the post office (finally) and maybe take a nap do the laundry.
-Tomorrow morning I have to go to the dentist to get my hillbilly tooth problem looked at, Ben's parents head back to NC, Ben works, and I might have time to change the sheets.  If I'm lucky.  

I'm exhausted. 

How are you?

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  1. What did you think about the Wiksten tank? Good drape? I'm desperately needing some simple clothes to wear for the rest of Me-Made-May and have been eyeing the Tank that's just been sitting in my pattern pile for a year...