Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Little Gentleman Fancy Bow-Ties

I made more "Fancy Bow-Ties" for Matthew back at the start of May.  I just realized I never posted about them!  He's got a nice little collection now and likes to pick one each Sunday to wear to church.

While I was at it, I cut muliple pieces from each fabric instead of one, and made a few of each.

I've listed the "spares" in my Etsy shop.

This is not my own pattern, I made them from this free tutorial you can find here.  They are really quick to make, but sometimes it's easier to get them made by someone else.  Plus they're adorable so it's a win-win.

**For reference, Matthew is 4 years old and these fit him with room to spare.  I cut the velcro a little longer (1.5" or so) so that they'll be adjustable for a while as he grows and last a little longer.  Plus, since the band is tucked into the collar of his shirts you can't see the velcro part. 

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