Monday, June 24, 2013

Trying new things...

The weekend went fast, as usual, and it's Monday again. 

I'm 32 weeks pregnant now and have reached that stage where bending over is just not comfortable, but fortunately I've got two little helpers (and one very patient husband) so we're all pretty excited to meet the little peanut!

Anyway, end of last week and over the weekend I decided to try a couple new things. 

I really admire people who have skills with yarn.  I can only do one crochet stitch that someone taught me at church in college.  I've made blankets with lots, character, but nothing fancy.  I have trouble counting so I usually avoid patterns.  Sometimes I count backwards mid-count or skip numbers, even if I'm counting aloud... what can I say, I'm just not a numerical person...

I wanted to learn to make a crochet sunburst granny square blanket after seeing such gorgeous pictures on Instagram (mainly from @insidethepaperbox or visit her blog here) and decided to give it a try.  Even though you do have to count. 

I followed these instructions found at nittybits here and so far it's coming along.  I'm trying to get it done before it gets lost in a corner somewhere so you'll be seeing many more yarn pictures.

I picked up a button making kit at JoAnn's (less than $4 I believe) and followed the instructions on the back as a break when my brain started hurting...

My gosh these are so EASY!!!  and so darn fun to make.  They turn out so cute!  But I have no idea what to do with them now.... Besides stare at them obviously. The car and the strawberry are my favorites.  And the snail too. 

I'm pretty proud of myself for trying something new! Here's hoping the rest of it turns out!  I'll keep you posted.

How was your weekend?  Have you tried anything new recently?

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  1. i stopped crocheting, in part because of the counting, too! these are actually easy?! unbelievable. and gorgeous!