Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kid Shorts

So this past weekend I set out to get some things finished that are cluttering up my space, and my head.

I turned some pants into shorts that were too short, or too hole-y for Matthew to wear as pants anymore.  That was easy.  

Then, I tried to alter some of my t-shirts that either didn't fit right or got messed with in the wash into nightgowns Abby....It didn't go so well...but I did end up with one "nightgown" that she thinks is cool, and since she won't wear it in public I think that's cool too.

To redeem myself from that disastrous attempt at whatever it was....I cut out a bunch of sizes of the new Kid Shorts pattern from Dana which you can get here.

I made one pair, and then cut out four more. No joke.

It's really the best, most satisfying pattern I've made in a long time.  And the kids think it's good enough to wear, which is half the battle, so there's that.

If you sew clothes for your kids, then you should get this pattern.  And nobody but me is telling you to do it.  It's not expensive at all, and they're super quick to make.  Cutting and tracing the pattern takes longer than making these shorts. 
Once you look over the tutorials for the different cuts and modifications you can do, you'll have the process down.  And the result is fantastic.

*The only place I get myself into trouble is making the casing for the elastic.  I'm not super precise (or patient...), so I don't usually measure that part, and occasionally I get myself a little stuck and have to work extra hard to get the elastic where it needs to be, but that's it.  And it's a totally self-inflicted problem...  

And now my kids have more shorts!!  Everybody wins.

*And somehow I didn't get a picture of the ones I made for Matthew...his are from brown corduroy I had in my fabric mess.   They turned out awesome too!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A dress for Abby

Reading blogs the other day I came across this post and was instantly smitten with the adorableness of the Baby Slip Dress.

Fortunately for me (and you) it is available as a free pattern, so I printed it out and started cutting over the weekend.

Abby wanted a dress that matched this one I made (newborn sized geranium dress) for the baby and I had enough fabric leftover that I thought this would be a great use for it.

 I made the 4T size, and it's perfect, even though Abby's only 3.  I like longer stuff on her and have found most 3T sizes don't hit her quite right.  Plus, she's growing pretty fast so I know she'll be able to wear it for more than 3 months before growing out of it! 

It was quick to make, and the instructions and pictures are super helpful and easy to follow.  Even the bias tape isn't that scary.  I used store bought bias tape just so you know.  I'm not too good at making bias anything so I don't.  

I'm sharing this totally on my own, just because it turned out so darn cute!  Go make one! And she absolutely wore it for church this past Sunday, but wouldn't be still enough for a picture...of course....

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A couple embroidery projects in progress...and some random pictures...

Since I finished my sunburst granny squares blanket I decided I needed something else to do while I was sitting around.  I like to think I'm not terribly lazy but I get tired, and will sit on the couch most evenings after the kids are in bed and hang out with the Mr.  The baby likes to move around a lot when I'm sitting so it's fun to work on something and feel her dancing around or whatever it is she does in there!

Somewhere in Idaho...we went exploring and found water!

I've had this lovely pattern for a while now, and am a tad embarrassed I was so shy to use it!  Iron on pattern, and easy instructions, and finally realizing I don't have to have the exact DMC embroidery floss color that is used on the cover, and I got started.

It went much faster than I expected. I used 3 strands on the satin stitched pink letters and that seemed to help it fill out a little faster than if I'd only used 2 strands.

The french knots took some learning but weren't really that hard.  This pattern is from Sarah Jane and you can find it here if you want to make one.
I'm still not sure if I'm going to frame this or make it a pillow...what do you think?

Once I finished that, I got out another one of my Sarah Jane patterns (this one is called "Summer Flowers" I think) and am using this lovely little flower motif that I want to turn into the bodice of a dress for Abby or the new baby.  In my head it's pretty gorgeous, so fingers crossed it turns out that way!  I'm stitching this on some linen I got at JoAnn's several months ago.  Pardon the bad lighting...

Abby has recently been requesting "Octopus pants!" so I think I'll embroider an octopus and put it on a pocket of some pants...hopefully that will appease her little soul, because I can't find any octopus fabric that we both like!  Funny kids. 

And a couple more random pictures to even out the post. 
We've got some wonderful friends who know all the good spots, so we went hiking with them on Friday!

Flowers from my recent church activity last week. 

Monday, July 15, 2013


As I'm sure you know, I've got about 5 weeks left of being pregnant.  And it kindof freaks me out because 5 weeks isn't that much time...

So, I'm trying to clear some space in my Etsy shop, and in our house, before the baby gets here in August so!!

Use the code "SUMMER20" for 20% off everything in the shop between now and September 1st.


Quilts, pouches, bow-ties, pillow covers, and whatever else I add to the shop in the meantime.  Which will be more quilts.

I have a stack of tops I'm planning to finish so watch for those too!  And spread the word, this is a great deal if you know anyone who needs a quilt or is having a baby!

Go have a look!!

Happy summer everyone!!

The start of some baby sewing

These can be July finishes #2 and #3...even though they're new projects : )

When I was pregnant with my other two kids I didn't have the sewing bug.  So I never made them anything really. 

Now that I kindof know what I'm doing and like to do it, I've started making a couple things for the new lady that I *hope* will be here in less than 5 weeks (I'm 35 weeks now and the earlier she shows up the better!).

I made 5 bibs on Saturday from this free download by Heather Bailey.  Super simple and great stash busters.  I'll be making many more, especially since there's a gazillion pregnant people I know right now...
Then I downloaded the newborn geranium dress pattern (also free) and made two of those! I have one more cut out too.

I have the real pattern and will make some more in bigger sizes soon, but come on, these are so small and adorable, and FAST to make that I might make a few more of these first. 

I still don't have any inspiration for a quilt for the baby, but maybe that'll show up later?  We'll see.  This baby sewing is fun though, and quick!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Something EXCITING and my Sunburst Granny Square Blanket

**I have declared July as my "Finish It" month since I'll be too huge and tired and hot to do much of anything except continue to grow a human, so I'm very pleased to introduce you to...

July Finish #1

I wanted to try something new recently and I'm happy to say it's turned out pretty well!  And I'm way proud of myself for two reasons.
1.  I get nervous trying new things because I get really intimidated really easily.  Especially by pattern speak in a craft language I'm not familiar with like crochet and knitting.  But I figured it out and I'm definitely going to try another pattern soon.

2.  I've been pretty dilligent in keeping the progress going instead of letting it sit in the corner and allowing myself to get distracted by something else.  If you came to my house you'd understand...I'm not super great at finishing...starting things I'm aces, of course...

I mentioned in another post, but here is the link again for the tutorial on the blog Nittybits (aren't those pictures luscious?).  Yes, I had to refer to the videos multiple times, and read the directions even more than that, but now I think I'm fairly confident I could make another blanket without much trouble. 
I think the coolest part is turning the round sunbursts into squares.  It's so fun, so for this first one, I made them all into squares and then joined them together using this tutorial on Attic24and I'm pretty happy with how it looks.
Here's the finished blanket!  And it didn't take forever!!  It's about 42" x 37" so it's not huge.  8 squares x 7 squares.  It's got a great weight to it and will be perfect for chilly Idaho winter nights with the new baby.
You can't see, but I'm patting myself on the back!  Yep, this one I'm keeping for sure. 
Here's the something exciting: my husband managed to snag a GA position for grad school!!!  This is awesome because it pays for his tuition and provides a small stipend (extra $$) to go with.  Pretty darn wonderful not to have to worry about THAT anymore!  Not to mention he'll get to teach and have valuable experience for his resume and make more connections and it's so good.  It's pretty rad news! 

Hope you all had a very happy 4th of July! 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Zooey Goes to the Beach is finished!

I finished something!!  Actually it's been sitting done for about 2.5 weeks now and I'm finally getting around to blogging about it.

I finished this top last spring and now it's finally a completed quilt!  I hand quilted this one, so that's my excuse for why it took forever to finish.

The pattern is from Lu and you can find it here in her Etsy shop.  It's a wonderful pattern, and perfect for displaying favorite prints.

I backed this one with a duvet from IKEA that is super soft and snuggly, and a gorgeous soft print I wish they still made.

This one measures 55 1/2" x 67" and is available in my Etsy shop here.  I wish I could keep it but as the Mr. rightly points out, I can't quilt the entire I've got to part with some of them, as hard as it is to do.

I've got about a month and a half left until baby #3 gets here so the list of Things To Finish is prominent in my brain.  On to the next one!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Finished birthday quilt

I finished this quilt at least two weeks ago and finally got some pictures of it.

This was a gift I made for my step-dad's 75th birthday.  This is the one I took with me on our trip, and then didn't get to work on while we were there?
(Pardon the bad intruding digit...) But it's done now, and I really really love it.

All the fabrics are from Denyse Schmidt, mostly her DS Quilts collections for JoAnn's.
I cut up a bunch of 5" charms of everything DS I could find in my stash, and then cut a bunch of those into 2.5" squares and made 9-patch blocks sashed with white.

Simple, and lovely.  Then, this quilt practically begged to be straight line quilted, so that's what happened.  The effect is super snuggly, and totally worth it even though it takes a while to get it done.

I was too lazy to measure it (plus the belly is getting in the way these days...) but it will hopefully be good as a reading quilt.  My step-dad reads more books than anyone I've ever known, so I'm hoping it will get lots of use.  Plus, it'll be nice to go "visit" this quilt whenever we go to my parents house!