Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A couple embroidery projects in progress...and some random pictures...

Since I finished my sunburst granny squares blanket I decided I needed something else to do while I was sitting around.  I like to think I'm not terribly lazy but I get tired, and will sit on the couch most evenings after the kids are in bed and hang out with the Mr.  The baby likes to move around a lot when I'm sitting so it's fun to work on something and feel her dancing around or whatever it is she does in there!

Somewhere in Idaho...we went exploring and found water!

I've had this lovely pattern for a while now, and am a tad embarrassed I was so shy to use it!  Iron on pattern, and easy instructions, and finally realizing I don't have to have the exact DMC embroidery floss color that is used on the cover, and I got started.

It went much faster than I expected. I used 3 strands on the satin stitched pink letters and that seemed to help it fill out a little faster than if I'd only used 2 strands.

The french knots took some learning but weren't really that hard.  This pattern is from Sarah Jane and you can find it here if you want to make one.
I'm still not sure if I'm going to frame this or make it a pillow...what do you think?

Once I finished that, I got out another one of my Sarah Jane patterns (this one is called "Summer Flowers" I think) and am using this lovely little flower motif that I want to turn into the bodice of a dress for Abby or the new baby.  In my head it's pretty gorgeous, so fingers crossed it turns out that way!  I'm stitching this on some linen I got at JoAnn's several months ago.  Pardon the bad lighting...

Abby has recently been requesting "Octopus pants!" so I think I'll embroider an octopus and put it on a pocket of some pants...hopefully that will appease her little soul, because I can't find any octopus fabric that we both like!  Funny kids. 

And a couple more random pictures to even out the post. 
We've got some wonderful friends who know all the good spots, so we went hiking with them on Friday!

Flowers from my recent church activity last week. 

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  1. Aren't Sarah Jane's patterns beautiful? You did an awesome job on that one! I have a couple that I haven't started. *sigh* I have a lot of projects that I haven't started.....