Monday, July 15, 2013


As I'm sure you know, I've got about 5 weeks left of being pregnant.  And it kindof freaks me out because 5 weeks isn't that much time...

So, I'm trying to clear some space in my Etsy shop, and in our house, before the baby gets here in August so!!

Use the code "SUMMER20" for 20% off everything in the shop between now and September 1st.


Quilts, pouches, bow-ties, pillow covers, and whatever else I add to the shop in the meantime.  Which will be more quilts.

I have a stack of tops I'm planning to finish so watch for those too!  And spread the word, this is a great deal if you know anyone who needs a quilt or is having a baby!

Go have a look!!

Happy summer everyone!!

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