Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Finished birthday quilt

I finished this quilt at least two weeks ago and finally got some pictures of it.

This was a gift I made for my step-dad's 75th birthday.  This is the one I took with me on our trip, and then didn't get to work on while we were there?
(Pardon the bad intruding digit...) But it's done now, and I really really love it.

All the fabrics are from Denyse Schmidt, mostly her DS Quilts collections for JoAnn's.
I cut up a bunch of 5" charms of everything DS I could find in my stash, and then cut a bunch of those into 2.5" squares and made 9-patch blocks sashed with white.

Simple, and lovely.  Then, this quilt practically begged to be straight line quilted, so that's what happened.  The effect is super snuggly, and totally worth it even though it takes a while to get it done.

I was too lazy to measure it (plus the belly is getting in the way these days...) but it will hopefully be good as a reading quilt.  My step-dad reads more books than anyone I've ever known, so I'm hoping it will get lots of use.  Plus, it'll be nice to go "visit" this quilt whenever we go to my parents house!

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