Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kid Shorts

So this past weekend I set out to get some things finished that are cluttering up my space, and my head.

I turned some pants into shorts that were too short, or too hole-y for Matthew to wear as pants anymore.  That was easy.  

Then, I tried to alter some of my t-shirts that either didn't fit right or got messed with in the wash into nightgowns Abby....It didn't go so well...but I did end up with one "nightgown" that she thinks is cool, and since she won't wear it in public I think that's cool too.

To redeem myself from that disastrous attempt at whatever it was....I cut out a bunch of sizes of the new Kid Shorts pattern from Dana which you can get here.

I made one pair, and then cut out four more. No joke.

It's really the best, most satisfying pattern I've made in a long time.  And the kids think it's good enough to wear, which is half the battle, so there's that.

If you sew clothes for your kids, then you should get this pattern.  And nobody but me is telling you to do it.  It's not expensive at all, and they're super quick to make.  Cutting and tracing the pattern takes longer than making these shorts. 
Once you look over the tutorials for the different cuts and modifications you can do, you'll have the process down.  And the result is fantastic.

*The only place I get myself into trouble is making the casing for the elastic.  I'm not super precise (or patient...), so I don't usually measure that part, and occasionally I get myself a little stuck and have to work extra hard to get the elastic where it needs to be, but that's it.  And it's a totally self-inflicted problem...  

And now my kids have more shorts!!  Everybody wins.

*And somehow I didn't get a picture of the ones I made for Matthew...his are from brown corduroy I had in my fabric mess.   They turned out awesome too!

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  1. i've been seeing these shorts a lot recently and they are so cute! you did a great job making so many pairs! lucky recipients, for sure! :)