Saturday, July 6, 2013

Something EXCITING and my Sunburst Granny Square Blanket

**I have declared July as my "Finish It" month since I'll be too huge and tired and hot to do much of anything except continue to grow a human, so I'm very pleased to introduce you to...

July Finish #1

I wanted to try something new recently and I'm happy to say it's turned out pretty well!  And I'm way proud of myself for two reasons.
1.  I get nervous trying new things because I get really intimidated really easily.  Especially by pattern speak in a craft language I'm not familiar with like crochet and knitting.  But I figured it out and I'm definitely going to try another pattern soon.

2.  I've been pretty dilligent in keeping the progress going instead of letting it sit in the corner and allowing myself to get distracted by something else.  If you came to my house you'd understand...I'm not super great at finishing...starting things I'm aces, of course...

I mentioned in another post, but here is the link again for the tutorial on the blog Nittybits (aren't those pictures luscious?).  Yes, I had to refer to the videos multiple times, and read the directions even more than that, but now I think I'm fairly confident I could make another blanket without much trouble. 
I think the coolest part is turning the round sunbursts into squares.  It's so fun, so for this first one, I made them all into squares and then joined them together using this tutorial on Attic24and I'm pretty happy with how it looks.
Here's the finished blanket!  And it didn't take forever!!  It's about 42" x 37" so it's not huge.  8 squares x 7 squares.  It's got a great weight to it and will be perfect for chilly Idaho winter nights with the new baby.
You can't see, but I'm patting myself on the back!  Yep, this one I'm keeping for sure. 
Here's the something exciting: my husband managed to snag a GA position for grad school!!!  This is awesome because it pays for his tuition and provides a small stipend (extra $$) to go with.  Pretty darn wonderful not to have to worry about THAT anymore!  Not to mention he'll get to teach and have valuable experience for his resume and make more connections and it's so good.  It's pretty rad news! 

Hope you all had a very happy 4th of July! 


  1. Absolutely stunning blanket! It is so pretty! Congratulations on your husbands good news too :)

  2. Your blanket looks fabulous! It will be fun to see your new baby all snuggled up in it this winter. And huge congrats for your husband getting that job! Grad school can be a killer, so every bit helps!!

  3. this is so awesome! you rocked it! is that all crochet? i am actually teaching my older two kids to crochet as part of our homeschooling curriculum. i used to crochet before i picked up sewing. generally, i'm not overly inspired by crocheted things, but this is amazing! i adore it!