Monday, July 15, 2013

The start of some baby sewing

These can be July finishes #2 and #3...even though they're new projects : )

When I was pregnant with my other two kids I didn't have the sewing bug.  So I never made them anything really. 

Now that I kindof know what I'm doing and like to do it, I've started making a couple things for the new lady that I *hope* will be here in less than 5 weeks (I'm 35 weeks now and the earlier she shows up the better!).

I made 5 bibs on Saturday from this free download by Heather Bailey.  Super simple and great stash busters.  I'll be making many more, especially since there's a gazillion pregnant people I know right now...
Then I downloaded the newborn geranium dress pattern (also free) and made two of those! I have one more cut out too.

I have the real pattern and will make some more in bigger sizes soon, but come on, these are so small and adorable, and FAST to make that I might make a few more of these first. 

I still don't have any inspiration for a quilt for the baby, but maybe that'll show up later?  We'll see.  This baby sewing is fun though, and quick!

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