Monday, October 28, 2013

easy washi tape pumpkin craft

We decorated for Halloween a while ago, but I noticed we don't have a ton of decorations.  To be honest I have a hard time spending money on things that sit in a box for 11 months out of the year, so that's probably why.

Crafts I can do with the kids or myself that become decorations is more my thing.  Especially this one, because I got to put some of that washi tape I've been hoarding to good use!!

I can't remember where I first saw this idea, but it definitely isn't mine.  If anyone knows, please share. 

Here's what you do, it's way easy and could be adapted to any shape. 

You'll need:
-washi tape
-background paper or cardstock
-regular tape or glue (whichever you prefer)
-picture frame

1. Put strips of washi tape on your paper in whatever order or color you want.  Obviously I went with black and orange for Halloween.  Tip: If you know your shape isn't going to take up the majority of the paper you can taper your strips so you're not wasting that lovely tape. 

2. Cut, from the paper you just covered in tape, whatever shape you want.  I cut a pumpkin shape out of my orange and black tape covered paper. 

3. Tape or glue your shape to your background paper and fit into a frame.

4. Hang up and enjoy!

See?  I told you it was easy.  And now you're totally justified in getting more washi tape, haha.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Well that happened fast.

My newborn is now a solid 2 month old little baby!

I didn't even realize what day it was on the 13th (2 weeks ago...) until it was already past picture taking time.
She's still sleeping incredibly well, usually only waking up twice per night at most, with one of those times being between 5 and 7 am and that's practically morning.

She had her 2 month well check yesterday and she's a solid 12 pounds, 23 inches tall, and with the smallest head of all of our children, it's only slightly larger than normal!

She has started smiling adorably at us and the bigger kids adore her.

She's blessed our family tremendously and we are so lucky to have her!
She's the cutest, I know.  ; )  But really.  She is. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Infinity scarves

I purchased some fabric recently from Pink Castle Fabrics that was begging to be made into a scarf.

I used this post from Anna Maria Horner's blog as my "template" of sorts.

For reference, if you want to make your own from her measurements you'll need 2 yards of fabric assuming your WOF measures approx 44" as mine did.  

Then, I experimented with smaller versions.

I found this gorgeously soft flannel buffalo check fabric and made a scarf out of that based on measurements of another infinity scarf I had, but still using AMH's directions. 
This one turned out around 12" x 60" which I think is the perfect size.  I'm still new at accessorizing, so a really voluminous big scarf (like the two above) can sometimes be overwhelming for me.  This one is perfect. 

The trick, and I think what put me off this project for so long, is that you don't really have to create the infinity with the fabric when you sew it.  You create that figure 8 when you wrap it around your neck.

Much simpler and totally excellent looking.

p.s. I'm a terrible model and shot these pics myself but I do think the scarves are lovely.  All except for the teal and purple-y one, are listed in my new Etsy shop, LadyFaceMakes.

Friday, October 18, 2013

New Shop is Open!!

Today (just a few minutes ago actually), I opened up a second Etsy shop.
 It's called LadyFaceMakes
I mentioned before that I wanted to keep my quilts (LadyFaceQuilts) separate from other things and this seemed like the best way to do it.
I seem to have a compulsion to create lots of things, and to do way too many things at once, so what better to do than hopefully use that outlet to brighten your day and make it available to you! 
There's a little bit of everything and I have a lot more coming, I just got tired of waiting and decided to open it up!

So go have a look, and let me know if there's something missing!  I would love to hear what you look for on Etsy, and what excites you about buying, giving, and receiving handmade gifts.

Happy start of the holiday madness friends.

Now I'm off to work on a tiger costume!

Stitch Fix

Have you heard of Stitch Fix?

I recently signed up and received my first box yesterday.  Like a personal stylist in a box.

There's a $20 stylist fee that goes towards any purchases you make. 

They send you a box of 5 items they think you'll like.  You can keep all of them, none of them, or as many or few as you'd like and you have 3 business days to return anything you don't want.

After you get your box and figure out what you're keeping and not keeping, you go online and fill out a little survey about each piece included so the next box can be even more to your tastes.  This is also where you purchase what you want by indicating which pieces you're keeping. 

If you do decide to keep the entire box you get 25% off the total so it's a good deal.

In my box I received four tops and one red maxi skirt.  I should also mention that each piece comes with a little card that shows two ways to style it, right down to the earrings and shoes. 

Two of the tops weren't doing much for me so I eliminated them pretty fast, and as nice as the maxi skirt was it wasn't that exciting for me. 

I ended up keeping two things (pardon the bathroom pictures and creepy pumpkin...we only have one mirror).

First was this striped and yellow blocked shirt.  It has a button detail (hidden by my hair - sorry) and 3/4 length sleeves.  It's super soft and I love the fit. 

The second piece I kept is this chambray button down.  I have always drooled over these types of shirts, and the dotted print  makes it feel like I picked it myself!  This chambray stuff is so soft.  It feels like such a grown up shirt.  I love it.

I already mailed back the other 3 items (they enclose a prepaid bag to make it easy).  I'm definitely going to do this again.  It's not a heavy commitment, so it doesn't stress me out. 

Some box of the month clubs require a 3 or 6 or even 12 month commitment (they do have that option though).  This one you can pause for as long as you want, schedule when you want a delivery (I just scheduled my next one for the week after my birthday next month!) and it's totally flexible. 

If you want to try it out, here is my referral link.  So if you sign up through my link, my account gets a bonus.  I'm not sure what the bonus is exactly (or how much $ credited to my account) but hey, every little bit helps right?!

I'd love to know if you try this out, I'm really happy with my experience and, even better, I didn't have to go to the mall to find these pieces myself!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happy October and some updates

I'm thrilled that it's October.  I LOVE Halloween!!!

But I'm also a little freaked because that always triggers the beginning of holiday madness.

This year Abby wants to be a magical princess with a sparkly purple dress and a wand. With any luck we'll be making her costume.

Matthew says he wants to be a tiger.  He's also said he wants to be a pirate, a cowboy, and where's waldo.

They have decided that Sam will be a tiny pumpkin. 

In other news, I'm opening up another Etsy shop soon for non-quilt things.  Here's a tiny peek.

I'm still keeping LadyFaceQuilts but it will be where I sell my quilts and destash any fabric.

Here's a coupon to keep you busy in the meantime, good for 15% off anything until the new year: NEWSHOP15
I've even made it easy and moved all the non-quilt stuff to the SALE section : )