Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Infinity scarves

I purchased some fabric recently from Pink Castle Fabrics that was begging to be made into a scarf.

I used this post from Anna Maria Horner's blog as my "template" of sorts.

For reference, if you want to make your own from her measurements you'll need 2 yards of fabric assuming your WOF measures approx 44" as mine did.  

Then, I experimented with smaller versions.

I found this gorgeously soft flannel buffalo check fabric and made a scarf out of that based on measurements of another infinity scarf I had, but still using AMH's directions. 
This one turned out around 12" x 60" which I think is the perfect size.  I'm still new at accessorizing, so a really voluminous big scarf (like the two above) can sometimes be overwhelming for me.  This one is perfect. 

The trick, and I think what put me off this project for so long, is that you don't really have to create the infinity with the fabric when you sew it.  You create that figure 8 when you wrap it around your neck.

Much simpler and totally excellent looking.

p.s. I'm a terrible model and shot these pics myself but I do think the scarves are lovely.  All except for the teal and purple-y one, are listed in my new Etsy shop, LadyFaceMakes.

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  1. I have been wanting to make some infinity scarves for the longest but I can never seem to get myself around to do it or even picking out fabric. Those scarves look great!