Friday, October 18, 2013

Stitch Fix

Have you heard of Stitch Fix?

I recently signed up and received my first box yesterday.  Like a personal stylist in a box.

There's a $20 stylist fee that goes towards any purchases you make. 

They send you a box of 5 items they think you'll like.  You can keep all of them, none of them, or as many or few as you'd like and you have 3 business days to return anything you don't want.

After you get your box and figure out what you're keeping and not keeping, you go online and fill out a little survey about each piece included so the next box can be even more to your tastes.  This is also where you purchase what you want by indicating which pieces you're keeping. 

If you do decide to keep the entire box you get 25% off the total so it's a good deal.

In my box I received four tops and one red maxi skirt.  I should also mention that each piece comes with a little card that shows two ways to style it, right down to the earrings and shoes. 

Two of the tops weren't doing much for me so I eliminated them pretty fast, and as nice as the maxi skirt was it wasn't that exciting for me. 

I ended up keeping two things (pardon the bathroom pictures and creepy pumpkin...we only have one mirror).

First was this striped and yellow blocked shirt.  It has a button detail (hidden by my hair - sorry) and 3/4 length sleeves.  It's super soft and I love the fit. 

The second piece I kept is this chambray button down.  I have always drooled over these types of shirts, and the dotted print  makes it feel like I picked it myself!  This chambray stuff is so soft.  It feels like such a grown up shirt.  I love it.

I already mailed back the other 3 items (they enclose a prepaid bag to make it easy).  I'm definitely going to do this again.  It's not a heavy commitment, so it doesn't stress me out. 

Some box of the month clubs require a 3 or 6 or even 12 month commitment (they do have that option though).  This one you can pause for as long as you want, schedule when you want a delivery (I just scheduled my next one for the week after my birthday next month!) and it's totally flexible. 

If you want to try it out, here is my referral link.  So if you sign up through my link, my account gets a bonus.  I'm not sure what the bonus is exactly (or how much $ credited to my account) but hey, every little bit helps right?!

I'd love to know if you try this out, I'm really happy with my experience and, even better, I didn't have to go to the mall to find these pieces myself!!

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  1. It sounds like a pretty cool idea, especially if you live in the middle of nowhere like I do. What's the price like on the items they send?