Saturday, November 9, 2013

Maggie Mae Dress

I bought the Maggie Mae dress pattern from Shwin Designs after my friend Holli made an amazing creation from one of their patterns (you should see all the wonderful things she makes anyway, she's seriously talented!).
I found this lovely mustard linen and floral linen both at JoAnn's and initially bought them to make scarves with, but after I stared at them for a while they were begging to turn into a dress.
I wanted to make it in time for Samantha's baby blessing and finished it that morning (just this past Sunday), a couple hours before church started.

The pattern is fantastic, but I got a little ahead of myself in some places and didn't bother to look at the directions after I cut out the pieces.  So I sewed some things closed before I was supposed to and had a "learning experience" that was totally my fault.  ALWAYS follow the directions.  Lesson learned. 
I scored this adorable felt bow at an online sale recently but you can find them here.

It all turned out well, and Abby loved the dress and didn't want to take it off!  That alone is a success! I sewed up the 4T size and the neck is a smidge big because she's still only 3 1/2 but I wanted her to be able to wear it for more than a month!  We added a cardigan for warmth that never came off so nobody could tell anyway.
The most adorable goof in town.  I'm so glad some of these pictures are usable!

The pictures in the pattern show 4 buttons to close, but I only used 3 and had no trouble. 
I love this pattern and the result so much that I've already cut out a 6-9 month sized dress in the same fabrics, and have listed it as a custom made dress in my etsy shop here if you're interested.  The colors are perfect for fall and winter, and all year really.  I've decided mustard is a wonderful color. 

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  1. ADORABLE!! Thanks for the shout out, Marian!