Monday, November 18, 2013

Samantha's blessing dress

Samantha is now 3 months old and was blessed at our church on Sunday two weeks ago (I'm a Mormon and you can find out more about my faith here).

We had a bunch of family come to town for the weekend and the blessing on Sunday and it was such a great time.  I always get really nervous when we have "events" or people coming around just to see us.  What if I'm not that exciting or they have a horrible time?  This time I didn't worry about that stuff at all once everyone was here!  It was excellent.  So excellent I didn't take many pictures because I was having too much fun and leaving my phone elsewhere...oops!

But anyway, I had to make her a dress!!

I always go through the remnant bins at JoAnn's and had found this lovely fabric there a while ago.  It's like eyelet, but there are no holes...I'm not sure what it's technically called.  Anyone know?

Anyway, I used the Geranium Dress pattern in size 3-6 months to make this and lined it with the lining from a linen skirt that I don't fit into anymore.  That's slippery stuff, lining.  But it worked out.

Traditionally blessing outfits are white to symbolize purity, I wanted a tiny pop of color here and there, and these were the perfect touch.

We put a onesie under the dress, and a white cardigan over, and some adorable little shoes that were a gift, on her feet.

And a tiny pink felt bow from this Etsy shop in her luscious hair.

It turned out just as I wanted.  Simple and adorable.

Aren't those cheeks the best?!  

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