Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cloud pillows

I love a good cloud, stormy, cartoon, or otherwise, so I decided to make a cloud pillow.

Out of sherpa. 

On both sides. 

And I did. It worked. It's fantastic. 

They are soft, warm, squishy, and the perfect size for snuggling, using in imaginative play, to rest your head on, or use in a photo. 

I love them, and so do my kids. Even my husband thinks they're pretty amazing. 

And you know what I'm super excited about? You can't see the closure stitches!!!!! 

I'm telling you, these are the best. Listed here in my etsy shop, LadyFaceMakes

They'd make a perfect gift, just throwing that out there.  I also made some smaller hearts out of sherpa and stuffing. 

They're about 5" square and equally awesome.  You can find those here.

xoxo - m

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