Tuesday, January 28, 2014

kids clothes week day 1: baby leggings

Technically today is the end of day 2 of Kids Clothes Week, but I'm showing what I made yesterday so I'm pretty sure all these posts will be a day behind or so.

I made leggings last night (and this afternoon).  I have so many leggings patterns, this is the first I've tried.  Such a quick and satisfying project...unless you forget to buy enough elastic like I did...oops...

Anyway, I made this striped pair from the sleeves of a shirt I had that got into some unfriendly accident in the washer and ended up all bizarrely stained, but the sleeve pants (slants?) turned out great.  They are quite long on Sam but that's fine since they'll probably be pajamas for the most part anyway.

Then I made this pair of 6-9 month leggings from this pattern from Brindille and Twig.  Pretty much revolutionized the way I put in elastic.  No joke.

I made two pairs that I didn't have elastic for until we went to buy some more this morning.  They are size 9-12 months, because that's primarily what Sam is wearing these days, she's growing so fast! Besides this strawberry patterned pair, there is a purple polka dotted pair I'll show you tomorrow (She's sleeping in those right now).

I found that these, even sized at 9-12 months, were super tight around the calves.  The 6-9 month pair wouldn't even fit over her knees... Maybe Sam just has super muscles, or chunky legs, but next time I make these (which will probably be soon), I'll use the 9-12 size, and cut at least another 1/4 inch around the pattern piece to make sure there's a tad more room in there.  The good news is they fit perfectly over her bum, and with the cloth diapers she has a big one.  It's so cute.  Anyway, other than that tiny fit issue, I loved these.  Definitely worth the adjustment.

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