Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kids Clothes Week: the rest

I got a bit logged down with keeping up the blogging side of sewing for Kids Clothes Week so this is a sum up of the entire week. 

You already saw the leggings.  I ended up adding 1/4" to each side of the 9-12 month size leggings pattern and it was perfect for Sam.  Long, but that's good.

I was most proud of these Bimaa Sweaters I made for Abby.  I made one hooded version (that I apparently never took a picture of...oops...) and this one (above) with the cowl neck option.  She calls it an attached scarf and loves it too.

This pattern is awesome.  I LOVE it and knew I did because it turns out so professionally and I immediately cut out another after the first one was finished.  

I have fabric to make a hooded version or two for Matthew, since he kindof missed out on this sewing.  Boys seem harder to sew for.  It takes a bit more brain power for me to sew for him than for either of the girls.  But hopefully he'll have some good pieces in a few weeks.

Samantha got a new Geranium Dress (pattern here) and it definitely won't be her last.  You've heard it before, excellent pattern.  Go buy it. 

And finally, I made a Lucille Top for Abby that she is nuts for!  Hello strawberry knit!!  Love that print.  This was fun to put together (the combinations of fabrics you could use!!!), but shows me I do need to keep practicing.  There is some waviness to the hems.  Actually, the pattern calls for cuffs on the sleeves, but I put mine on and they wouldn't fit over her hands!!  Ha.  So I cut them off.  I plan to put something there, but haven't done it yet. 

I have one more to show you but that will turn up in the next post!

And, as usual I cut more than I got to sew up, so you're very definitely in for more kids clothes sewing for all of the foreseeable future! Yay!

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