Saturday, March 15, 2014

Drawing class

If you guys are anything like me you already follow creative bug on several different places, and have seen many people talk about this recently.
If not, you should get yourself on one of those lists, follow them on one of their platforms, and go sign yourself up for Lisa Congdon's Line Drawing class.  It's the most fun I've had learning something in a while.
Lisa is so sweet, and teaches in such a wonderful way that is kind, exciting, and just wonderful.  If she ever does any more classes I will take every single one of them.  Seriously, I plan to.
Just look what I've been able to do with her lessons! It's so much fun.  
There are four lessons in this class spread over four weeks and these doodles are from weeks one and two.  Next week is week three. 
I just wanted to share because I thought you might be interested in doing something like this and it you've been wavering, consider this a friendly push from me to get you going! I hope you share your progress too! 

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