Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Meow quilt - the first two blocks

I've made quilts that my kids use, but none really specifically for them, with their wants in mind as far as design goes, so I decided this would be the year!

Abby loves cats and as luck would have it there have been some delightful cat related quilt things made lately.  As much as I want the kids to love their quilts, we are trying to find that delicate balance between total pink barftastic disaster, and things look good together happy place where moms live.  Make sense? Excellent. 

I'm using the Meow pattern from Aneela Hooey for Abby's quilt and a mix of fabrics from Lizzy House's new line Catnp, as well as some other prints Abby picked out of my stash. 

The blocks are really fast to put together, and I'm really in love with this cat fabric! Fingers crossed she likes it as much as I do so far! 

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely LOVE the pattern and fabric you've chosen! Eager to see it completed too. Abby will be thrilled with it!!!