Thursday, March 20, 2014

Meow quilt progress

Abby's birthday is sneaking closer every second and is now only about 2 weeks away! 

I've finished 4 more blocks for her quilt, making a total of 6. That's only halfway, so I've got some work to do.  I spent some time this afternoon cutting out the rest of the block pieces so it'll just be a matter of sewing them together next.  

I said before how fast they are and they really are.  The longest part is the cutting.  I'm hoping I can sew these up tonight with a bit of Veronica Mars to keep me company.  

I've never seen the show before now and am a little into the first season now. Pretty fun to watch! And totally reminds me of high school (though I was waaayyyyy less dramatic) and a little bit of Twin Peaks, but much less creepy.  So that'll be fun.  

Next week is Bens spring break, and though he does need to work, it will be excellent to have the tiniest respite from the full time regular chaos.  Happy almost Friday!! 

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