Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sew With Me Spring Week 2: The Ruby Top and Dress

Oh my goodness where did this past week go???? Wow, getting back into things after spring break was ROUGH!  Soccer started for the two older kids so on Saturday we had 2 games at different times, pictures, snacks, and everything else that comes with the first week of a new sport.  It was so fun, but exhausting.  I just want to sleep for 42 days straight. 

ANYWAY, last week I made The Ruby Top from Made By Rae (you can find a copy here). I used some chambray from Pink Chalk Fabrics and some Meadow by Leah Duncan from Hawthorne Threads.  Every line she's made has been sooo good for every fabric project you could think of.

This is the first womens pattern I've made from Rae.  I was worried that it would look peasant-y and busty, and blouse-y but I don't think it does! I will make the medium next time though, the front gapes a little if I don't adjust it frequently. 

I used Rae's video tutorial to make the yoke fully lined.  First of all, she's super cute, and I like that she gives these extra tutorials so you can make your garment exactly how you want it.  Such a great thing if you want to make lasting garments.  She takes you through the whole thing in the video so I didn't actually refer to the pattern at all.  

The pattern is sleeveless and next time I'm going to try a sleeved version (you need the washi dress expansion pack to do this-but she's made all her sleeves and variations interchangeable throughout her patterns, so smart!!) though I really like this as a top and think I will definitely wear it.  She also says you can try it with knit, the possibilities are endless!!! 

This is great pattern for mixing fabrics or using ones you love but only have a little bit of.  I put it on before I hemmed it and didn't want to take it off! I'll definitely make it again, and now I'm less scared to try The Washi Dress! 

Later this week I will share the Hide-and-Seek dress from Oliver + S and hopefully an outfit each for kids clothes week! Yay! 

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  1. I really like this ! It looks so good on you ! Maybe I'll try it once school is over... I think would do the dress though.
    And you can't go wrong with Leah Duncan. She's a designer genius.