Wednesday, July 9, 2014

wip Wednesday

Hello! I haven't linked up to a wip Wednesday in an eternity, but it's good to be back.

I'm trying to get two projects finished this week.  Both are at the quilting stage and if we didn't have the owner of our house coming for an inspection tomorrow I'd to it tonight, but now I have to clean (I hate renting!!).
First is this tiny baby quilt that will go in my Etsy shop.  I loved putting this together and see myself doing more solids and simple prints in the future.  I think this is much more representative of my "quilting style" than lots of my previous projects have been even though it's a pretty basic combination.  
Second is this quilt for Abby, you might remember from my posts about the blocks, but it's taken me forever to go from quilt top to basted quilt sandwich.  I hate basting and our living room is barely big enough for it, so I'm easily nudged into procrastination when it comes to this step.  I'm pretty excited for it to finally be done and for her to use it! 

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