Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday happy list volume 1

I always see these types of posts on Friday or Saturday and have always thought that the Monday could use the smiles more as the weekend holds a secret glittery joy on it's own, doesn't it?  Mondays are usually the rough dragging days for me, where I could use a list of happiness, could you?

Here's what I've been enjoying this past week:

1) This song.  Since I saw them perform it on Jimmy Fallon the other night it's been stuck in my head, and that's a good thing!  It reminds me to be true to what I like, to what I want to do.  Listen to it, it's wonderful, especially after not hearing from this group for a while. 

2) Another gorgeous song.  Isn't it just delightful?! Love it.

3) I found that song while I was watching the instructional video to make these little guys.  I should have an adorable well dressed peg doll army soon.

4) This class on looks amazing.  I've taken a few classes through Atly before and they're incredibly well done and the instructors are worth the price every time.  This particular class intrigues me because all 3 of our kids are sharing a bedroom right now.  I'm hoping that won't always be the case, but whichever way, I'm really curious about what makes a room more attractive to kids creativity and imagination. 

5) My baby girl turns 1 on Wednesday!!! And yes, she's walking, roaring, and eating everything. All too quickly of course.

Have a great week friends!

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