Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Happy List Volume 2

Happy Monday, it's a brand new week!!

I always see these types of posts on Friday or Saturday and have always thought that the Monday could use the smiles more as the weekend holds a secret glittery joy on it's own, doesn't it?  Mondays are usually the rough dragging days for me, where I could use a list of happiness, could you?

Here's what I've been enjoying this past week:

*Last week was rather heavy.  There was a lot going on in the world that was really intense for a lot of people and I found myself looking inward a lot, and thinking, probably too much, about those things.  This week's list turned out reflecting that mindset a little.  

 1) This truth: I am in charge of what I bring into my home - we confronted this head on this weekend and went through all the toys, clothes, closets, art, and everything else and purged ruthlessly.  Half broken ugly toys were tossed, tons of things were donated, and the rest was organized.  I'm still not quite done putting things back together but I feel so much lighter and Ben and I made a promise that we will be more conscientious about what we bring into our spaces.  I'm in charge of what I bring into my home, my body, my mind, my friendships, etc.  So I should bring in things that fit my goals in each area. Quite empowering I think.  I was reading too much news and it was getting me down, so I......wait for it.....stopped reading so much news!   See?  Boom.  Empowered.

2) The key to parenting strong willed children - don't take it personally.  Abby and I had a hard morning, and I had a realization.  She has to go through whatever she has to go through, has to let it out, but it's not about me.  I'm just the one taking up the air space in which she's thrown out what she's working through.  I also found some inner peace in the idea that I just have to let her (and this applies for each of my kids, and all kids really) be her.  This is the happy medium between being a strict crazy person policeman parent and a no rules everything goes parent.  Making sure they have enough structure and rules to keep them safe, healthy, and happy, and then backing off to let them bounce around to their hearts content. 

3) This little imp turned 1 last week!  She is so much fun and so sweet.  I love this age, it's the best to watch them discover things and see how their personalities bloom! 

4) Leaving the window open when I go to sleep - because when I wake up I can see the sky change as the sun rises, and it's a little breath of peace when I haven't gotten enough sleep, or get woken up earlier than I'd prefer.

5) #sewandread on Instagram - I've recently been turned onto this hashtag, and I love it!  It's so great to get book recommendations from people who's opinions you trust, and who have similar hobbies.  Sewing while listening to audiobooks is my new favorite thing and this hashtag is like a little Instagram book club, without the stress.  It's a wonderfully perfect combination for me.  Right now I'm listening to Gourmet Rhapsody by Muriel Barbery and it's really fun!  I love this author's writing, and it sounds so good being read.  Absolutely recommend it. 

Do you have anything to recommend to me?  I'm always interested in favorite things!

Hope you all have an awesome week ahead! 

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