Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Monday Happy List Volume 3...on a Tuesday? Oh well.

Happy Tuesday! I'm in complete denial about how close September is, we've got a back to school meeting on Thursday for the Montessori school the kids are going to this year and I don't want it to happen.  Well I do, you know, it's just the milestone that I'm afraid of.  Ha.

Here's what I've been enjoying this past week:

1) Wanderlust Fabrics - great fabrics, even better service.  I've bothered Angie a few times now and she is THE BEST! Always prompt to reply and quick to accommodate any questions or requests I have, I can't say enough good things!!  Here's a recent purchase.  Such beautiful fabrics.   Big plans for these beauties.

we spent one rainy day trying to pair all the lego heads with bodies. quite a challenge.

2) Rain! - it's been raining here quite a lot and I am LOVING IT!!! It's been such a cool august, I have been able to get away with wearing sweaters and having piles of blankets on the bed to snuggle with, it's wonderful. Not to mention how green everything is, we probably won't have to water our lawn for the rest of the summer!!

tried teaching abby to embroider.  she liked carrying this around by the strings but was actually pretty good at it.

3) Taylor Swift's new song and the video to go with it - Ok, I know everyone and their dog are loving this right now, but count me in!  I like that she's 100% herself all the time, and I really respect that. So talented.  I think she's doing great things.

cookies make me happy

4) New opportunities - I'm really excited about something new for me, and thrilled to have taken a risk to put myself out there.  It's forcing me out of my introverted shy self but in all good ways.  If its quiet the next few weeks it's because I'm busy working on this project and I'm so excited to show you guys when it's done.

today's morning nap

5) Fall sewing plans - I've got big plans for my handmade wardrobe.  I want to make this in this dotted chambray fabrics, this skirt in a yellow/mustardy chambray much like the pattern cover, and this dress in a black and white stripe with the same sleeves and length as the yellow one on the pattern.  I don't think I'll ever make my own pants.  A million points to you if you have. 

What is getting you going this week?

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