Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Happy List #4

Here's what I'm enjoying today.  Happy Monday!

1) Atly classes - I've mentioned these before but I want to mention them again.  I took this class over the weekend and it's got me so excited to try out the techniques and tips taught in the course.  I can't get enough of these and am constantly checking the site to see if they've added new classes.  And if you follow them on Instagram (@atlygrams) they frequently post generous new class discounts so they're extremely affordable.

2) Rain! - Also nothing new, but it rained last night, just as we were thinking we should water the grass again, so thank you Mother Nature for taking care of that for me! And a bonus, the air smelled so perfect last night it was glorious and fall, and crisp, and delicious.  

3) Flowers - I taught at church yesterday and I always like to bring fresh flowers to add somebrightness to the room.  Plus, I get to take them home and enjoy them the rest of the week.  I'm nowhere close to being good at flower arranging but I like this bundle of flowers together, unexpected and fun!

4) Hoarding, just a little - there's something to be said for hanging onto things, as long as they don't literally take over your house or your life of course.  Today Samantha is wearing overalls from the 1980's and her favorite toys in the whole house are the set of little people from my childhood that my mom saved.  She gets these out at least 3 times a day. And having seen Toy Story a million times, I imagine the toys are happy with that also. 

5) Fall!!!! - my favorite season. I can snuggle, work on quilt projects without sweating, take naps with layers and layers of blankets and quilts, wear sweaters, wear scarves, and don't have to shave my legs! Make soup, cinnamon rolls, and drink as much hot chocolate as my body will allow!! It's the most wonderful time of the year.  As an aside, Matthew thinks Halloween lasts the entire month of October and has been counting down the days until September is over and keeping track all on his own! It's so fun to see things again through the eyes of kids.  The best.  

Hope you guys have a great week!! What's getting you going today?

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