Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!

And happy Black Friday and Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. You can get 17% off in my Etsy shop all weekend (through the 1st of December) with "thankful2014" so shop away!

I had a birthday this month (I'm 27 now).  And now I feel horribly old.  Here are some things I want to do before I'm 28.

- finish the books on my kindle app and all the books on my shelves and all the books on my audible app that I haven't finished yet. Or at least catch up a little more so I don't die buried under a pile of unread books and audio files.

-complete a whole 30, just to be able to prove to myself that I can.  I'm planning to knock this one out in January.  It's a horribly cold and boring month, so it might as well bring something good.

- run 5 miles without walking.  Maybe in a race, maybe not.  Either way, I'm determined to become a runner again.  But probably not until it gets warm enough to go outside. So, late April, early May? 

- make pretty things with courage and confidence and find people who want to buy them.  Etsy, craft markets, wherever.  Also learn new ways to make pretty things. I'm very excited about this. 

- get up earlier than everyone else.  I hate this one, but I have to admit that when I get up before everyone else in our small house and have a few minutes to get dressed and open my eyes for myself I'm a much nicer person.  

- get good at making pies, especially personal sized ones. And other baked things of course.  That's more of a life goal really.  I want it said at my funeral, even if I turn out to be a grumpy old lady, that I was an ace at baked goods.  And it will be true. 

- make seated family dinners frequent and mandatory.  Like a Liz Lemon party.  With good healthy food. Natural, organic, and local when possible. With non-paper plates and real napkins. 

- be a better more fearless friend. Give more, do more, and don't worry about interfering as much. Talk more, be there more.

- read all the Harry Potter books again.  My story lines are getting crossed.

- write more.  Stories, journal entries, blog entries, overheard conversations, made up back stories of random people in restaurants.  Just write more things. I'm letting that seed of a talent get too rusty.  

- brush my teeth.  I haaaaaate brushing my teeth.........hate it. Maybe I'm not ready to wash away all the delicious flavor from my dessert!!!!  Don't worry. I still do it. but I hate it! The struggle is real.

- don't buy clothes I could make for myself or my kids.  I have a great collection of patterns but not the wardrobe to back it up with.  I'm going to work on that.  

- be a more eager mother and wife.  Take opportunities, take moments, and be present for them.  Don't let my hang ups get in the way.  This should either be really great and exciting or super embarrassing.  Either way it'll make for some good memories. 

That's good for now.  I'll check in on these in a few months and let you  know how I'm doing. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! 

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