Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Advent Activities

In december we usually have at least one advent calendar in the house.  This year we didn't do a chocolate one, but made our ornaments on a tiny tree one a little more special.

I came up with 24 activities, printed them out, and put them into these craft jewelry boxes.  I had Matthew write numbers 1-24 on them while Abby made sure each one had an ornament.  We piled them up under the now broken (a wrestling accident happened last week that took it out of commission) fake Christmas tree so each day they take turns finding the right box, opening it up, and since Matthew can read he reads the activity and Abby is in charge of the ornament.

So far most of the activities have been a success, and I made sure to include some of the scheduled things like our ward Christmas party with Santa in the right box.  For another example, we are going to see the Nutcracker on Thursday so when they open the box this Thursday that's what the paper will say.  Pretty clever foresight, huh!

We have made marshmallow snowmen, paper trees, read Christmas books, met Santa Claus, made presents for our friends, decorated treat bags, addressed and stuffed our Christmas cards, made cookies and decorated them, taken food to the food bank, small but hopefully somewhat exciting things.  A lot of the things I would've done anyway I turned into things we did together, which they always love.

It hasn't been seamless though, I had a couple snow activities in there which ended up getting opened on 55 degree days.  But it's been fun and I hope to modify it again to fit next year's schedule!  The kids love looking forward to it!

Do you do an advent calendar tradition in your home?

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