Monday, December 8, 2014

New Dolls and Scarves

I use this lovely pattern from Charlaanne on Etsy to make these dolls.  From that pattern I modified the body and left out the yarn hair to make a boy doll this weekend.
He didn't have any clothes for a while but now he does.  His shirt, pants and socks are removable. The little man requested a boy doll so I have his brain to thank for making this little dude here come to life! He's really cute, don't you think?
I love this dolls hair. Sometimes they don't turn out, or the yarn doesn't stay where it's supposed to, but this one is doing really really well.  Her dress and socks are removable and her hair bow has been stitched and hot glued in place so she'll look pretty even during playtime!

I also finally found more of this red and black buffalo check flannel at JoAnn's.  It's like ALWAYS out of stock when I go so when I found some today I snatched up ALL the flannel they had, which wasn't a ton.  All said and done, I have enough for 3 of these scarves which you can find here in my shop! 
They are all listed in my Etsy shop here and will arrive in time for US Christmas delivery if ordered before December 16th.  

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