Monday, December 15, 2014

Two Charlie Dresses

I've been meaning to take the time to make these dresses for a while but finally made it happen this past week.
The pattern is the Charlie Dress by Mingo and Grace.  I made the size 5 and 18 months so they would last longer but in hindsight could've gotten away just fine with the size 4T and 12 months since the bodice is intentionally loose.  

I love this fabric, it's from Joann's but it's not as flimsy as I was expecting it to be.  I really want to go get more to make myself a top. 

I had one yard of the fabric for Abby's dress and had to piece the ruffle/flounce part but I don't think it's too obvious, even though I obviously cut that part differently than the top (to make it all fit!).  She loves that it spins, I just think she looks adorable! 
I cut the patterns one day last week while the kids were at school, then sewed them the next day in between making cookies and cake and more cookies.

They sewed up pretty quickly even though the bias taped edges drove me nuts, as usual. The dress closes with a simple loop and button, which is super fast and easy.  

Anyway, it's nice to have another pattern from my extensive collection actually turn into usable and adorable pieces of clothing!

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